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We have visited Legoland on a number of occasions with our son. It is an expensive business attending theme parks in the UK but we invested in an annual pass for a couple of years which makes the whole thing much more affordable assuming you live within reasonable traveling distance. On the whole I would say [...]

Learning Disability Coalition

Learning Disability Coalition represents 10 learning disability organisations that have come together to form one group with one voice.


The coalition believes people with a learning disability have the right to live independent lives with the support they need. The coalition wants to make sure the government provides enough public money so that people with a [...]

Learn Makaton

Learn Makaton is a great little website that teaches you how to do simple Makaton (through video clips) with sections such as: Who speaks my language?, My first words, Questions and Answers, Numbers and more. It also teaches Makaton in different languages.

We used (and still use) the Makaton system with our son and thus know the value of [...]