British Institute of Learning Disabilities

The British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) – Registered charity No: 1019663 – works to improve the lives of people in the UK with a learning disability.

Policy and research

BILD work with the government and other organisations to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. They also do research, such as how to include people with learning disabilities in making decisions.

Learning services


  • Train staff, family carers and people with a learning disability
  • Involve people with a learning disability in some of the training
  • Publish books, journals and training materials.

Membership and information

Membership brings many benefits including free copies of a BILD journal and information on learning disabilities.

Advocacy and user involvement

BILD work with advocacy groups and people with learning disabilities to help them give their views on the services they receive.

BILD’s current priorities are focused on person centred approaches.

Services offered to people with a learning disability should be person centred. This means seeing the person and not just the disability. It means finding out what each person wants and how their individual needs can be met, and helping people to make
choices which are important to them. It also means ensuring that the views of people with a learning disability influence those around them – including carers, service providers and government.

Workforce training

Families, carers, volunteers, paid staff and professionals should have ongoing training relating to the needs of the person they work with. BILD will provide high quality training which is based on best current knowledge, improves practice and leads to nationally recognised qualifications. They will also ensure that training is tailored to suit the individual circumstances of each learner.

Appropriate communication

BILD recognise communication as a basic human need. They will work to ensure that carers, enablers, paid staff and professionals are able to communicate in ways that are suited to each person. They are developing ambitious plans for the next few years to tackle the complex task of improving communication at a national level. These will include research and development programmes to help people with a learning disability express their wishes, thoughts and emotions more effectively.

High individual support needs

The BILD believe that people with high individual support needs should be given the help they need to live active, healthy and fulfilling lives in their local communities. BILD will endeavour to change public attitudes, develop and share good practice, provide support for family carers and ensure that specialist services are available where mainstream services cannot meet people’s needs.

BILD in partnership

BILD is a member of the Learning Disability Coalition with nine other leading disability charities.

BILD is a partner of Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability, building respect in the Scottish community.

BILD is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board.

BILD are also working with a number of other organisations including National Autistic Society.

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