National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society champions the rights and interests of all people with autism in the UK. This is achieved by working with local and central government bodies, and raising public awareness of autism and the issues facing those affected. To continue providing its diverse array of services each year, the NAS relies on a wide range of funders and donors. Support for their work is encouraged through volunteering, fundraising and campaigning initiatives.

Help from the NAS is available across the UK. Provision includes:

  • local advice and support for families affected by autism
  • practical and emotional support
  • care and education for adults and children with autism
  • employment training and support for adults with Asperger syndrome
  • training for parents, carers and professionals
  • lobbying and campaigning
  • information and publications
  • increased awareness and understanding of the needs of people with autism, their families and carers.

The NAS have a comprehensive website which provides a wealth of information and links.

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