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Social Information on Disability (SID)

Social Information on Disability (SID), is a registered charity (Registered Charity No. 1110708). Based in Leatherhead, Surrey (in the UK), the organisation undertakes work on a local, countywide and regional basis related to disability information.

SID’s aim is to ensure that disabled people have the information they need in order to have choice and equality of opportunity [...]

Blue Badge scheme

The following is reproduced, with permission from the relevant area of the Directgov website. However, you should also be made aware that, if you are on the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance and a blue badge holder, then you are entitled to disability ”exemption from paying vehicle excise duty” (car tax). For more information visit [...]

Symbol UK

Symbol UK is an independent organisation, set up in 1998, that operates on a not-for-profit basis in the south east of England and further afield, working in partnership to provide service to children and adults with special needs and related communication difficulties.

Working in a wide variety of locations, across the full spectrum of Educational and Care [...]

Surrey Adults Linked Disability Register

Surrey Adults Linked Disability Register and is a voluntary register of disabled people in Surrey, UK.

To join the register, you need to fill in a questionnaire, which includes questions about the registering persons disability, health, care needs and plans for the future.

The information gathered on the register is used:

to plan services
to keep disabled people in Surrey [...]

America according to Connor Gifford

American friends of ours (hi Irene & Sam), who have a son with Down’s Syndrome, suggested I take a look at a website by another young man with Down’s Syndrome who was promoting a book he has written on American history. He had invited them to become “friends” with him on Facebook.

The website,, is an [...]

Alzheimer's Society (UK)

The Alzheimer’s Society is the leading care and research charity (Registered charity No: 296645) for people with dementia and their carers. It brings together carers, family members, health and social care professionals, researchers, scientists and politicians through a shared concern for people with dementia and those who care for them.

History of the Society

The Alzheimer’s Society (originally [...]

Surrey Children's Disability Register

The Surrey Children’s Disability Register is jointly owned by Surrey Children’s Service and Surrey NHS Primary Care Trusts. It was established in consultation with parents and voluntary services and meets the requirements of the Children Act 1989.

The purpose of the register is to enable children’s services, health (the statutory agencies) and the voluntary services to work [...]

Distance Learning course: Adults with learning disabilities

The University of Stirling runs an open learning course, which can be completed by part time study, and leads to a  Certificate in “Adults with learning disabilities who have significant and complex needs”. This is at Post Graduate level, and is accredited at 60 postgraduate points (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework level 11). People successfully completing [...]

Airports and flying with disability

Did you know that UK airports have a Special Needs check-in for all flights? We have taken advantage on several occasions when the queues for our flight have been very long. It is just like the usual check-in but with no queues! Obviously you need to have a disabled child/adult with you! Unfortunately very few airports [...]

Able Magazine

Able Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for disabled people in the UK.

Published every two months, Able is a lively, full colour publication, which focuses on what people can do, not what they can’t. Their experienced team of professional journalists (which includes wheelchair users) regularly checks out different sporting and leisure opportunities and reports back to our [...]