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I was sent this entry by parents of a lad with Down Syndrome in the USA. This rang a chord with me (and I am sure will do so with other parents too) as my son once decided to take himself off to the local park without our knowledge! Whilst my wife and I frantically searched the surrounding streets, a kindhearted person (to whom I shall be forever grateful) stopped him when she noticed he had no shoes on and parked him in the local chinese takeaway and notifed the police.

Recently we (here in Southwestern Ontario in the US) got our 21 year old son (who has Down Syndrome) enrolled in Project Lifesaver. We were told the program is available from here to Florida. It is also available in the Toronto area.

Our guy (although very seldom) sometimes decides he wants to go somewhere and doesn’t understand that we need to know where he is. (Mainly because he doesn’t come back to where we think he should be.) He was missing for 7 hours one evening…. he knew where he was but mom and dad earned a few gray hairs at that time. The police were involved in searching for him and he was found safe and sound, sitting in a nursing home “visiting”. The police contacted us…. and now he has a device on his person that enables the police to locate him quickly as soon as we call 911 to report him missing.

Here is the Ontario website if anyone is interested in seeing how this works:

Project Lifesaver is “a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting and responding to the challenge to caregivers of finding wandering or bolting loved ones who may suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism or any other special needs requirements.”

Does anybody here in the UK know of any similar schemes of technolgical solutions to the problem of “wandering” children or, indeed, adults?

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  • Dr.Jackson

    Yes Project Lifesaver is just starting now in the UK. A Search & Rescue Team have gone out to the States to be trained up as we speak.