Quality Action Group

The Quality Action Group (QAG) are a group of adults in Stirling who have a learning disability. They elect a management committee every year. Only people with a learning disability can stand, or vote in these elections. The management committee meets each month to make decisions. They meet and work in partnership with organisations, currently including Stirling Council Community Services, Key Housing Association, and Forth Valley Health Board and also with other members of the local community.

Among other things the QAG:

  • Runs a Drop In and advice centre in Stirling Town, and Drop Ins in the rural area.
  • Provides training and volunteering opportunities for adults with learning disabilities.
  • Employs staff to help in development of the service.
  • Organises and host conferences for adults with learning disabilities.
  • Provides training for service providers and other professionals.
  • Policy making – QAG talk to Stirling Council about things that really matter to people with learning disabilities, and sit on various committees.
  • Brings people with learning disabilities together with service providers as equal partners.
  • Runs a Citizen Advocacy project called “Listen Up!” – visit the listen up section for further information.
  • Breaks down barriers that stop social inclusion.

And lots more!

QAG works closely with Key Housing and Stirling Community Services. They also work with EABLE as well as other voluntary organisations in Stirling, and in Scotland.

QAG are members of the Learning Disability Alliance Scotland, a group that aims to promote the interests of people with learning disabilities in the Scottish Parliament.

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