Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability (SCLD)

Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability (SCLD) is made up of 13 Partner Organisations who have joined together with funding from the Scottish Executive to become the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability.

SCLD is a charity and an independent company – Charity No. SC 032846, Company No. SC 223667.

What SCLD does

SCLD is an organisation set up to help people make the changes set out in ‘The same as you? A review of services for people with learning disabilities’.

SCLD’s main areas of work are:

  • Offering consultancy and support to implement The same as you?
  • Bring together, develop and pass on information and advice.
  • Promoting joined up services
  • Letting people know about useful research
  • Undertaking public education campaigns
  • Developing a skilled and confident workforce by improving training standards and providing training.
  • Building respect in the Scottish community by enabling people with learning disabilities and family carers to take up roles as trainers, research champions (a research champion is a person with learning disabilities who works in partnership with researchers and research funders to advocate for the issues that people with learning disabilities think are important in research) and advisers.

The 13 partners are:

ARC Scotland. Association for Real Change. ARC Scotland is based in Edinburgh. It is an umbrella organisation which brings together those who provide services for people with learning disabilities.

Badaguish Outdoor Centre is based in Aviemore. It helps people with disabilities enjoy the outdoors in the Cairngorms.

British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD). British Institute of Learning Disabilities – is based in Kidderminster. It has many people from different work backgrounds providing services to improve their quality of life for all people with a learning disability.

Capability Scotland – is based in Edinburgh. It is Scotland’s largest disability organisation providing a range of services to adults and children with disabilities.

Down’s Syndrome Scotland – is based in Edinburgh. They work to improve the quality of life for everyone with Down’s Syndrome in Scotland.

ENABLE Scotland – is based in Glasgow. It is the largest membership organisation for people with learning disabilities and their families in Scotland.

Key Housing Association – is based in Glasgow. It provides a wide range of support services and accommodation to more than 750 people across Scotland.

PAMIS – are based in Dundee. They also have an office in Glasgow and provide services and support to parents and professionals for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Quality Action Group – are a group of adults in Stirling who have a learning disability. They provide information, advice, citizen advocacy and social activities.

University of Abertay – The Tayside Institute of Health Studies is a centre of excellence for education, research and consultancy in healthcare.

University of Dundee – The [[White Top Research Unit]] conducts multidisciplinary research in the area of profound and multiple disability.

University of St. Andrews – is the oldest university in Scotland. It runs accredited open learning and short course programmes for [[staff working with people with learning disabilities]].

Glasgow University Affiliated Programme in Learning Disabilities – is made up of a number of departments with interests in people with learning disabilities including:
Department of Psychological Medicine
Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research
Nuffield Centre for Community Care Studies
Department of Educational Studies
Department of General Practice

The Partners are working together to:

  • Assist in making the 29 Recommendations in The same as you? review of services for people with learning disabilities happen
  • Promote joined up services
  • Speaking up for “The same as you?” Principles

SCLD – Board of Trustees

Each partner organisation has 2 people on the Board of Trustees. At least half of the Board are either people with learning disabilities or family carers.

There are other ways people can get involved with SCLD’s work and you don’t have to be a member of one of the partners to do this. E.g. the CAN network.

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