Surrey Adults Linked Disability Register

Surrey Adults Linked Disability Register and is a voluntary register of disabled people in Surrey, UK.

To join the register, you need to fill in a questionnaire, which includes questions about the registering persons disability, health, care needs and plans for the future.

The information gathered on the register is used:

  • to plan services
  • to keep disabled people in Surrey informed of services and assistance available to them

It is of particular importance for young people moving from children’s to adults’ services. It’s also important for people who may not receive social services but who require additional information, and for people who don’t usually ask for assistance, such as those from different religions, ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

Anyone who is over 18 who wishes to register can contact the SALDR team.

The benefits of joining the register are that you can show your registration card when applying for a disabled person’s bus pass.

You can show your card at leisure centres, cinemas, theme parks and other organisations who may offer discounts to disabled people.

You can request further information about services for disabled people.

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