UniSPORT Sports Club for disabled young people

When my son was born he was a very floppy ( hypotonia). He was quickly introduced to physiotherapy, through the Children’s Clinic at the Royal Surrey Hospital, and we also tried to take advantage of every opportunity in order to develop his physical skills ourselves, taking him to Fun Time Gym at our local Leisure Centre, Saturday morning football sessions, playing on the climbing fames in our local park, etc. We also purchased a trampoline. This has probably been the best purchase we have made – he loves it.

When we found out, through my son’s school, that UniSPORT (a sports and health club which offers a variety of athletic and fitness-related activities to the University of Surrey and Guildford community) run a Sports Club for disabled young people (aged 8-16 yrs) on Saturday morning’s between 10am and 12pm – we had to give it ago. Especially as they offer trampolining.

They also offer climbing which, much to our surprise, my son loves – he never ceases to amaze us with what he’ll take to. An important lesson we learned a long time ago is not to make assumptions about what our lad will like or dislike but to try everything.

In addition to trampolining and climbing the sessions also include football, basketball, dance, balance exercises, badminton and many other things. Siblings are welcome and all the young people taking part are supported and encouraged by enthusiastic and experienced volunteers and instructors (I was especially impressed by the patience and skill of the climbing instructor).

Children do need to accompanied by parents or carers and there is a charge per child.

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