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Direct payments

The following is reproduced, with permission from the relevant area of the Directgov website. Does anyone reading this have experience of applying for direct payments? Please post a comment if you have and tell me how it worked out, what the pitfalls are, etc.

Direct payments are local council payments for people who have been assessed as [...]

Home from Home Care

Attended my son’s school parents evening the other night (he got a good report from his teacher!) and in the lobby there were a couple of exhibitors. Disability Challengers were there and also a small delgation from Home for Home Care, an organisation I think I have come across before. So, as you might expect, I [...]

The Elite Academy Of Dance

One of the things my boy loves to do is dance. We’re all sick of “High School Musical” and “Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in our household. All of us that is, except for one person who can often be found dancing and singing along to the DVDs or CDs.

So it was with interest that [...]

Shifting Perspectives: changing attitudes to Downs Syndrome

Back in 2005 we were contacted by Richard Bailey, a photographer and father of a girl with Down Syndrome. We first met Richard when we had taken our son to attend a week long speech therapy course run by Symbol UK. He was putting together a calender, for the Down Syndrome Association which would consit of [...]

David Askew: bullied to death for having a learning difficulty?

Anybody who watches the news will surely have seen this story; it was widely reported both on TV and in the press (see the Daily Mail coverage here). It concerned the case of David Askew, a 64-year old man with learning difficulties who was apparently ‘tormented to death’ during 17 years (17 years!) of abuse by ’gangs’ of children – some [...]

Girl with learning difficulties found hanged

Is it me or are these stories turning up with monotonous regularity?

This latest one is a very depressing case as it concerns a young girl of eight who was found in her “filthy bedroom” hanged by a cord after being effectively “abandoned to her fate” (neglected) by her parents, according to the Daily Mail. I won’t [...]

Crossroads Care

Crossroads is a UK-based charity (Charity Registration No. 1069649).  Its aim is to provide a reliable service, tailored to meet the individual needs of each carer and the person they are caring for. They have schemes in most parts of England and Wales, which provide a range of services to meet local needs. If you live [...]

Council tax concessions

If you are a homeowner in the UK then your home is subject to Council Tax. Council tax is levied at different rates (bands) and is dependent on the value of your home. However concessions are available.

Concessions for Persons with Special Needs

There are Council Tax reductions for persons with Special Needs, subject to certain conditions.

Essentially, the [...]


I was recently made aware of the following organisation via the headmaster of the school my son now attends.

Cool2Care was founded in 2007 by Phil Conway, the father of a disabled boy. It is an organisation that brings together families of disabled children with people who want to care for them.

If you’re thinking of working with [...]

Shoes and orthotics

A parent at the Twenty One & Co group (a Down’s Syndrome support group providing speech & language therapy) we attend recently made the following observation:

“It can be difficult to get well fitting shoes for our children. Personally, Crocs were a great success for us this summer and I found a wide fitting shoe from [...]