In the course of my day job (yes – I have a day job) I occasionally get to visit Online conferences and exhibitions (that is to say conferences and exhibitions about the world of online business). During one such recent visit I happened across an exhibition stand for a company called Texthelp Systems Ltd, the people behind

About Texthelp Systems Ltd

Texthelp Systems Ltd create literacy software solutions designed to help people with literacy difficulties, dyslexia, or where English is a second language. They have three core business divisions in Educations, Speech Services and Publishing.

About BrowseAloud

Put very simply BrowseAloud reads web pages aloud for people who find it difficult to read online. Like all the best ideas its simple, obvious and fulfils a need.

Website owners pay a yearly subscription to have BrowseAloud installed on their website (unfortunately that means that until I get sponsorship or advertising revenue on AllAboutSpecialNeeds I can’t yet install the BrowseAloud capability). Obviously there is a clear benefit to enabling websites aimed at careers and/or individuals with special needs. As a website owner you are likely to greatly increase the number of people who can access the content on your site.

How it works

  • Browsealoud is a computer program that reads out all website content
  • As you move the cursor over words, they are spoken aloud
  • Browsealoud is free to the end user
  • Making your site Browsealoud-friendly is done remotely, so you don’t need to make any changes to your site
  • Browsealoud’s client plug-in technology ensures a webmaster has no software to install on a webserver
  • Browsealoud is an ‘immediate solution’, it requires no technical changes to be made to your website if it is already designed with accessibility in mind ( W3C standards)

As I say, simple obvious and fulfils a need!

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