I was recently made aware of the following organisation via the headmaster of the school my son now attends.

Cool2Care was founded in 2007 by Phil Conway, the father of a disabled boy. It is an organisation that brings together families of disabled children with people who want to care for them.

If you’re thinking of working with disabled children and young adults, then Cool2Care can help. The organisation recruits, trains and places care-workers or personal assistants to work either directly with families in their homes, or to help young people enjoy activities in the community.

If you are the parent or guardian of a disabled child or young adult and would like to employ a high quality, trained care-worker or personal assistant, then Cool2Care helps you find the care-worker that is right for you and your child. You specify the hours and type of care you need, they’ll help make it happen.

Parents can select the care-worker for themselves. Cool2Care will act as “matchmaker”, linking family and care-worker who can agree terms of employment. All care-workers will receive specialised training in care for disabled children and will be subject to enhanced CRB checks. Care support at home helps all the family – the child gets a friend to interact and play with, and the parents get regular breaks and support with caring.

As of March 2009 (at the time of writing this) the service is currently available to families living in Surrey and Birmingham. Cool2Care will be available to families living in Gloucestershire from April and more regional offices will be opened through 2009.

Cool2Care is a Social Enterprise – a business that gives its profits to charity or reinvests them for community benefit.

Enquiries are welcome from any family with a disabled child, or from anyone interested in working with disabled young people.

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