Girl with learning difficulties found hanged

Is it me or are these stories turning up with monotonous regularity?

This latest one is a very depressing case as it concerns a young girl of eight who was found in her “filthy bedroom” hanged by a cord after being effectively “abandoned to her fate” (neglected) by her parents, according to the Daily Mail. I won’t go into the detail here as you can read it on the Daily Mail website.

This poor girl was appantly well known to social services and other welfare officials. Indeed, the Mail reports that a “serious case review is being carried out into the case because the family were well known to the welfare officers.”  But its a bit late now surely.

Obviously I am in no position to pass judgement on the circumstances surrounding this case, but I can’t help but think that this poor child has been failed by the very system that is supposed to protect these vulnerable members of our society.

Its so damn depressing.

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