Home from Home Care

Attended my son’s school parents evening the other night (he got a good report from his teacher!) and in the lobby there were a couple of exhibitors. Disability Challengers were there and also a small delgation from Home for Home Care, an organisation I think I have come across before. So, as you might expect, I got chatting to one of the representatives.

Home for Home Care was set-up in 2004 by Paul and Ann de Savary when it became apparent to them, as their daugther grew older, that there was a lack of appropriate care facilites available that would meet the needs of disabled adults.

Their aim is “to enable each individual to have an interesting and fulfilled lifestyle of their choice with the support needed to fulfill their goals and aspirations.”

Having come from a property development background I was told the de Savary’s have built (or is that converted) a number of care homes, mostly in and around Lincolnshire. And I have to say, from looking at their website, the homes do look fantastic. They have definitely avoided making them look “institutional”. But you would have to visit them to make a true assessment. Within these properties they offer day care opportunities as well as residential places and the staff are qualified.

Would love to hear from anyone out there who can perhaps add some first-hand experience of Home from Home Care!

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