Shoes and orthotics

A parent at the Twenty One & Co group (a Down’s Syndrome support group providing speech & language therapy) we attend recently made the following observation:

“It can be difficult to get well fitting shoes for our children. Personally, Crocs were a great success for us this summer and I found a wide fitting shoe from the Angulus range at ”The Shoe Box” in Kew (near the station). I can recommend the shoe shop generally as they have expert fitters there and haven’t turned a hair when Sophie has thrown a strop! Last time round they had to bring the shoes out to the car to try on her as she wouldn’t get out to go in the shop.”

You might also like to take a look at, part of the Ortho-Europe/Opcare Group. They specialise in the provision of orthotic and prosthetic products and services, including a range of shoes for children – FitzKidz, and service both the NHS in the UK and the HSE in Ireland providing orthotic and prosthetic care to over 70,000 people.

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