Archive: April, 2010

ENABLE Scotland

ENABLE Scotland is a charitable organisation (charity number SC009024) run by its members. It started as a campaigning organisation and pushing for improvements in the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities remains at the heart of what the organisation does.

ENABLE Scotland campaigns are shaped and decided by its members. It campaigns for a better [...]

Down's Syndrome Scotland

Down’s Syndrome Scotland (Charity No. SC011012) works to improve the quality of life for everyone with Down’s syndrome. Its members include people with Down’s syndrome, families and professionals. It provides information, support and advice:

Offer telephone advice for anyone wanting information on any aspect of Down’s syndrome
Produce leaflets and other information about Down’s syndrome, from birth to [...]

Down Syndrome Education International

An organisation we have used on a number of occasions is the Down Syndrome Education International (Registered Charity No: 1062823) based in Portsmouth, UK. It’s objectives are to undertake research and provide information, training and advice to promote the development and education of individuals with Down syndrome worldwide.

We have bought and used the Down Syndrome Education [...]

Down's Sydrome Association

As our son happens to have Down’s syndrome we are members of the the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA), a UK charity (Registered Charity No. 1061474) that exists to provide information and support for people with Down’s syndrome, their families, carers and those with a professional interest. It also seeks to improve knowledge and understanding and champion [...]

Down's Heart Group

About 47% of babies born with Down’s Syndrome also have some form of congenital heart defect. Some of these will require surgery and as this often takes place within 3 to 6 months after birth, families very quickly discover the need for helpful information in a format that they can easily understand.

Down’s Heart Group is a [...]

Disabled Person's Railcard

When I was a student I had, and frequently used, a student Railcard. It entitled me to a 1/3 of all fares and was great. I recently discovered that there is a similar scheme available for disabled train travellers!

The Disabled Person’s Railcard

If you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult you may qualify for [...]

Disability Solutions

Disability Solutions is the free publication (with some very interesting articles) of Creating Solutions, a project of The San Francisco Foundation Community Initiative Funds. It is an online publication for families (and others) interested in Down syndrome especially but also other developmental disabilities, and in particular in the dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism. The [...]

Disability Now

I have just taken out a subscription to Disabilty Now.

Disability Now claims to be the UK’s biggest selling disability related newspaper. Published by Scope on a fortnightly basis and with an associated website it covers the latest news stories, bring comment from the UK’s most influential disabled campaigners, offers guides to the latest developments in motoring and [...]

Disability Living Allowance

Disability Living Allowance – sometimes referred to as DLA – is a tax-free benefit for children and adults who need help with personal care or have walking difficulties because they are physically or mentally disabled.

You may qualify for DLA if:

You have a physical or mental disability, or both
Your disability is severe enough for you to need [...]

Disability Challengers

I first wrote an entry on Disability Challengers for a previous version of this website. And, once again, I was reminded of the fantastic resource we have right here on our Farnham doorstep only the other day following a family day out to Bocketts Farm near Leatherhead where a group from Disability Challengers was also present.

Disability Challengers is a [...]