Disabled Person's Railcard

When I was a student I had, and frequently used, a student Railcard. It entitled me to a 1/3 of all fares and was great. I recently discovered that there is a similar scheme available for disabled train travellers!

The Disabled Person’s Railcard

If you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult you may qualify for the Disabled Person’s Railcard. The Railcard allows you – and an adult companion with you – to get a 1/3 off most Standard and First Class fares throughout Great Britain.


Buy a one year card for £18, take a journey that usually costs £54 and the card has paid for itself! A three year card is also available for £48.


You must provide proof that you qualify for a Railcard. You might qualify if you:

  • Have a visual impairment or a hearing impairment
  • Have epilepsy
  • Are in receipt of a disability related benefit.

Applying for your Disabled Person’s Railcard

A Disabled Person’s Railcard cannot be issued at stations. To get a Disabled Person’s Railcard, complete the application form downloadable from www.disabledpersons-railcard.co.uk send it together with payment and the required proof of disability to:

Disabled Person’s Railcard Office,
PO Box 163,
NE12 8WX

Helpline on:
0845 605 0525 (telephone)
845 601 0132 (textphone)
disability@atoc.org (email)

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