Key Housing Association (Scotland)

Key, based in Scotland, was set up in 1977 by a small group of parents concerned about the lack of good quality supported accommodation, and committed to developing alternatives to institutional care for people with learning disabilities. Carers are still at the heart of Key’s Committee of Management, which now includes people with a wide range of backgrounds, all of whom bring experience that is relevant to Key’s work.

Key now provides a wide range of support services and accommodation. Their main aim is to provide individualised support to people with learning disabilities in a range of home and community settings. They are a social care organisation as much as a
housing organisation.

Central to everything that Key does is the involvement of the people that Key supports, in deciding on their own support, in infuencing and advising Key at local and national level. A network of Tenant Advisory Groups exists, involving almost 100
people throughout Scotland, and enabling people to discuss issues and express their views on things relating to their lives with Key and the support Key provides.

Over the years, Key have developed support services and housing in 15 Local Authority areas across Scotland. As a Registered Housing Association Key can obtain capital funding from Communities Scotland (Scottish Homes). As a social care organisation, Key have contracts with Local Authorities for the funding of our support services.

Key now supports over 800 people throughout Scotland and employ over 1000 staff in our support services. Our housing is in a range of small scale integrated developments.

As well as building their own housing, Key work with over 25 other Housing Associations and Local Authorities to provide housing opportunities for people with learning disabilities.

In 1995, Key formed Community Lifestyles to provide highly individualised support to people who are not tenants of Key. Lifestyles now supports over 100 people in their own homes, mostly in the Glasgow area, and has developed a community support service in East Kilbride.

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