Archive: July, 2010

Aldershot Garrison Special Needs Group

Living as we do in Farnham this group is obviously local to us. At Christmas time we often get a flyer in my son’s school bag promoting their Christmas party.

The group aims to provide a meeting place and support group for other parents and carers of special needs children. The group also arranges trips and special [...]

Fledglings: Simple, affordable solutions to day-to-day difficulties

Fledglings is a registered charity I came across when looking at the links section of the website for the special needs school my son attends (check out this entry on ICT and special needs submitted by the IT manager from the school).  Fledglings aims to help parents and carers of a child with special needs [...]

Sure Start Children’s Centres

I was just looking at the website for my son’s scool (check out this entry on ICT and special needs submitted by the IT manager from the school) to see what new links had gone up.  In there is an entry for our local Sure Start centre at Potter’s Gate ( a primary school in Farnham) [...]

Companion cycling

When my son was about 5 or 6 I made a vow that I would get him riding a bike. 5 years later and I have not (yet) been able to fulfil that vow.

Pashley Pickle tricycle

The seeds were sown when friends very generously handed on to us a Pashley Pickle tricycle (see picture). I must [...]

Inappropriate toilet use

I often wonder how much of the world my son really understands. Oh, I am pretty sure his comprehension of many things is much better than his teachers, medical professionals, etc. give him credit for. But the world is full of subtleties that must be very confusing to people with learning difficulties.

This was neatly illustrated to [...]

Mainstream or Special Needs school?

I can only speak from my experience here in the UK.

My son started life in mainstream. Infant school for three years, then changed at 7 to a middle school where he stayed for one year. When he was 8 he moved to our local special needs school.

He always appeared to be petty happy [...]

Did you know your son had Down's sydrome before he was born?

“So, did you know your son had Down’s syndrome before he was born?”

A few years ago, when our son was young and cute (he’s still cute but rapidly approaching those teenage years) and we met new friends and acquaintances, we would often be asked this question as conversation naturally moved towards children. I must admit its [...]