Fledglings: Simple, affordable solutions to day-to-day difficulties

Fledglings is a registered charity I came across when looking at the links section of the website for the special needs school my son attends (check out this entry on ICT and special needs submitted by the IT manager from the school).  Fledglings aims to help parents and carers of a child with special needs of any kind to find simple, affordable solutions to practical problems.

Fledglings offer a free product search service to locate toys, clothing, developmental aids and other items which may stimulate the child’s development or give relief to the carer. They have a very comprehensive and impressive product catelogue and many products are kept in stock.  And they can obtain many more from the wide range of manufacturers and suppliers they deal with.

Once a suitable product is located, it can usually be supplied at a competitive price.

In addition to searching for and supplying products, Fledglings:

  • Produces a brochure, a newsletter and a monthly email newsletter with articles, general information, and information about helpful products
  • Gives presentations and demonstrations to parent groups, schools, etc.
  • Advises on possible sources of funding for large, expensive but essential items
  • Helps families communicate their collective needs for special products to manufacturers
  • Refers families to other helpful organisations.

The organisation is supported by a large number of volunteers, made up of ‘professional’ volunteers and parents and carers of children with special needs and disabilities.

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