Inappropriate toilet use

I often wonder how much of the world my son really understands. Oh, I am pretty sure his comprehension of many things is much better than his teachers, medical professionals, etc. give him credit for. But the world is full of subtleties that must be very confusing to people with learning difficulties.

This was neatly illustrated to me the other day when, as a family, we had cause to visit the local diy store. It’s one of those ones with a mezzanine floor which houses the home furnishings, show kitchens, and show bathrooms. My son loves to roam around the kitchens and bathrooms and, as it’s a fairly secure environment where we can see him through the gaps in the displays we were comfortable in letting him do so while we browsed the taps.

Happy days, we thought. But after a minute or so of losing sight of him we went looking for him. I must have walked right past him. His sister, however, spotted him and called out for me. To my surprise and consternation he was sat on a toilet, in one of the bathroom displays that was behind a sort of lowish stud-partition wall and hence partially hidden from public view, with his trousers and pants around his ankles. As I approached it became very apparent very quickly that he wasn’t sitting there whistling Dixie, he was taking a dump!

Now, needless to say we had some rapid improvising to do to remove the offending, ahem, item from the previously pristine u-bend. A plastic bag containing an instruction manual and found in a nearby built-in oven saving the day. And I had to surreptitiously return to the store later that afternoon, armed with Mr Muscle toilet spray and reams of toilet paper, to clean up properly.

Obviously we tried to explain the error of his ways to my son. But even as we were doing so I realised the mixed signals he must be getting. Having spent so so long in getting him to associate the need to wee or poo with going to the toilet he had taken a quite literal approach to the matter on that Sunday afternoon. “I need a poo” he had thought, “There is a toilet. Off I go.” He must have been quite please with himself. After all to all intents and purposes this looked like a bathroom. Then mum and dad appear saying “you can’t do that here!”

Oh dear.

2 comments to Inappropriate toilet use

  • Austen

    Quite agree, Adrian. After all this is just child-like logic applied without any of the filters that normailly developing individuals learn to add in. I bet its not the first time this has happened!

  • Sounds like he’s got the idea right.
    What kind of a person puts out toilettes in a place like that without ensuring they work?

    It’s the rest of us that are daft.