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Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy

Surfing the web. That’s what you end up doing when your intentions were anything but.

I wanted to get an entry posted on Key Changes Music Therapy, a charity I had come across via my son’s schools website. Whilst doing this I couldn’t help but recall a music therapy charity or organisation I new about from my [...]

Key Changes Music Therapy

I came across this charity on the link spage of my son’s school website. I believe they have been into the school to run sessions. So my son has almost certainly benefited from this. And I know he would enjoy these sessions – he loves music. Most mornings he is up before us and entertains himself [...]

21 & Co (Down Syndrome support group)

21 & Co's logo

I can’t quite believe that I haven’t put a post up about this charity before now. Considering we attended their excellent speech therapy sessions at the Langdon Down Centre (I think they have moved from there now) for a number of years when my son was younger.

As they say on their website [...]


There are some things you can’t escape from. For us its ‘routine’.

No doubt about it. My son likes routine. To illustrate.  We have a very simple calander on our frigde door. Its just a piece of laminated paper with the days of the week on it, in a row,  Monday to Sunday with barely enough space [...]

A cat’s viewpoint

It was as I was writing a story about a cat that I discovered the beauty of J’s life. Or perhaps it was the wrong toilet that did it.

From the beginning. I met J a year ago. J is Austen’s son. Diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, he’s great young guy, with a lovely personality. My wife and [...]

Mountain House Holidays

This is another organisation I came across when perusing the BBC’s Thrillseeker website (see my post on the Calvert Trust).

Mountain House Holidays offer a range of walking and adventure activity holidays and breaks for people of all ages and abilities. Their aim is “to provide you with a holiday to remember whatever your age or ability” [...]

The Calvert Trust

Its funny how you can stunble across things as you bumble through life.

I was half watching CountryFile as I prepared dinner yesterday. At they end of the programme there was a trailer for something called Thrillseeker and the website address was flashed up. Wondering what this was about and whether or not there might be something [...]

Death of mother and disabled daughter after refusing help

Another sad sad story hit the media headlines a couple of days back. This time it appears that the mother of a disabled daughter died suddenly leaving the daughter (apparently paralysed from the neck down) to stave to death next to her.

What sets this apart from other incidents that tend to hit  the headlines is that in [...]

Of underbites and pizza

 We went to see Toy Story 3 last weekend. We watched it in 3d. I say “we” but my son refused to wear the glasses so he sat through the entire film watching it in a slightly blurred fashion as the two images overlapped one-another. Of course I offered him the glasses several times during the [...]