Of underbites and pizza

 We went to see Toy Story 3 last weekend. We watched it in 3d. I say “we” but my son refused to wear the glasses so he sat through the entire film watching it in a slightly blurred fashion as the two images overlapped one-another. Of course I offered him the glasses several times during the film but each time he turned them down with an emphatic shake of his head. He still enjoyed the film however. 

I preserved with offering him the glasses because we have learnt over the years that occasionally, just occasionally, J will surprise us and try something he has, up until then, refused. You see, he knows what he likes and likes what he knows. This has caused us problems – but nothing earth shattering I hasten to add. 

A good example however, would be lunchtimes. You see our lovely lad won’t eat bread. Just point blank refuses it. Occasionally we can sneak it in in the form of beans on toast but only if the whole sorry mess is cut to smithereens and covered in tomato sauce. I think the problem stems from when he was very little. Like a lot of kids with Down’s syndrome he has a slight underbite. I think we fed him a bit of bread and it got stuck to the roof of his mouth and he couldn’t work it loose. And it put him off. But what do I know. Maybe he just decided that he didn’t like the look of the stuff. 

There is a great article on dental issues and people with Down’s syndrome which I have linked to here. Do have a read. It’s a pdf document so you will require Adobe Acrobat to view it. Speaking from a personal viewpoint I have been disappointed with the level of dental care our son has received and I wish I had seen this article sooner. I certainly recognise many of the things it talks about. 

Anyway, after the film we ended up at Pizza Hut for a late lunch. Pasta is a safe bet with J so he had spaghetti bolognaise and his sister had a pizza. J finished his bolognaise very quickly – child portions really don’t cut it for him now. Much to our surprise and delight he then reached over and took from his sister’s plate a couple of slices of her pizza. And he ate them. 

This amply demonstrates why we consider it important never to give up on anything with J. You just never know when he might surprise you and do the unexpected. Maybe next time we watch a film in 3d he’ll wear the glasses!

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