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Most Recommended Airline for Travellers with a Disability

I was recently contacted by the people from Holiday Extras to ask if I could help publise their awards ceremony which included the Customers’ Award for Most Recommended Airline for Travellers with a Disability. They sent me the following text.

With the January snow storms, unexpected disasters such as the spread of the volcanic ash cloud in [...]

Peter Rowe, author and man with Down’s Syndrome

My in-laws now live in Australia. Have done for a few years in fact. We have been very fortunate in being able to take our family “down-under” on a couple of occasions to go and see them. We even looked into emigrating to join them there. But that’s a post for another time.

Last time we were [...]

Ofsted report on special needs comes under fire

Expert says more special needs children are being identified because diagnosis has improved [...]

What is self-directed support?

What is self-directed support? This is the question I asked myself when I came across this phrase on the halow project’s website.  The halow project directed me to in Control.

In Control, founded in 2003, is a social enterprise that was set up to transform the current social care system into a system of Self-Directed Support. It [...]

Halow Project – support for learning disabilities

My son started back at school last week. He moved up from the junior school to the senior school. He has also had a growth spurt and is now just a few inches shorter than his mum. His new school shoes look enormous. His face is changing shape. I swear it won’t be long and he’ll [...]

Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children

This is another charity featured in the ‘parent information’ section of the webiste for my son’s school. I have not come across the Newlife Foundation for disabled children in any personnal capcity. I would, as usual, welcome comments/feedback from anybody reading this that has.

Disabled children have been at the heart of the charity since 1991. As [...]

IN2 leisure discount scheme (Waverley Borough Council)

My daughter is an excellent swimmer (if I do say so myself). And she loves to swim – which helps. My son also loves to go swimming. Until recently it would be less than accuarte to have described what he did in the pool as swimming though. This was despite our best efforts, or so it [...]

Values Into Action Scotland

It’s great to receive requests from organisations seeking a posting on the site. That’s exactly what happened recently and I’d really like more requests like this. In addition any feedback on the posts already on the site and/or additional information to go with those posts would also be welcome, of course.

Anyway, the message I got (thanks [...]