Halow Project – support for learning disabilities

My son started back at school last week. He moved up from the junior school to the senior school. He has also had a growth spurt and is now just a few inches shorter than his mum. His new school shoes look enormous. His face is changing shape. I swear it won’t be long and he’ll be shaving. This is all mildly depressing as it reminds me that time really passes very quickly and before we know it (and certainly before we are ready for it) he will be leaving school . And then what?

I have to admit that my thoughts, frequently of late, turn to what life after school will hold for J. So the information on my son’s school website links section about the harlow project caught my attention.

The halow project is dedicated to creating opportunities and supporting young people with a learning disability¬†so that¬†they are able to live independent, meaningful, fulfilled lives and become integrated into their local community. It was founded by parents of children with learning disabilities who came together at the beginning of 2006 concerned about the prospect for their children’s future and others like them.

Now I could try and explain what harlow is about and what it does but they do it so much better in the following video:


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