IN2 leisure discount scheme (Waverley Borough Council)

My daughter is an excellent swimmer (if I do say so myself). And she loves to swim – which helps. My son also loves to go swimming. Until recently it would be less than accuarte to have described what he did in the pool as swimming though. This was despite our best efforts, or so it seemed, but as with many things with my son you have to presevere and occasionally real progress is made.  Sometimes montsh – or years – can go by but persevere and real progress can be made.

So it was this summer when we went camping at a campsite near the New Forest. This campsite had a lovely heated swimming pool which we took full advanatage of. I’m not quite sure what made me do but relaising he was in a very safe environment (the pool was neither very wide or very deep) I let go of his hands when he was half way across the pool and simply urged him to swim for the side. And he did just that via a sort of cross between a doggy paddle and a crawl. He was very pleased with himself. We haven’t looked back since and over the school summer holidays my wife has taken both kids to our local leisure centre many times.

Unforntulely the fantastic kids swim for free scheme was stopped at the end of July I think it was. This would have made cost of the regular swimming trips (on top of my daughters swim club) quite a push for us. But, we are able to benefit from a local scheme called IN2, Waverley Borough Council’s concessionary scheme that offers discounts on many  activities at the leisure centres throughout the borough. Waverley is one of Surrey’s boroughs.

The scheme allows access, at any time the facilities are open, with 50% off:

  • adult swimming
  • junior swimming
  • inductions to the gym
  • casual use of the gym (once inducted)
  • centre-run group fitness classes (eg – aerobics /aqua)
  • children’s holiday activities
  • gym membership and joining fee

If you live in Waverley and receive or match any of the following criteria you qualify to apply for a discount card.

You can apply if you receive…

  • Job Seeker’s Allowance – Income Based
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee Credit
  • Income Support
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (conditions apply)

You can also apply if you are…

  • Aged between 16 and 19 and registered on a full-time educational course
  • A full time student with a current NUS card
  • A student nurse
  • A full time registered Carer
To get your IN2 leisure discount card visit any of the fllowing leisure centres with proof of eligibility (a letter from the benefit agency or student identification) and a passport photo.
A member of staff will ask you to complete an application form and will then issue you with a membership card.
I strongly suspect other borough councils around the country will operate similar schemes albit they will be call different things. I would love to hear from people as what those schemes are and what they benefits they offer.

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