Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children

This is another charity featured in the ‘parent information’ section of the webiste for my son’s school. I have not come across the Newlife Foundation for disabled children in any personnal capcity. I would, as usual, welcome comments/feedback from anybody reading this that has.

Disabled children have been at the heart of the charity since 1991. As more babies and children survive conditions, accidents and infections etc. more children face enduring disability. Newlife Foundation cares for all disabled and terminally ill children.

Newlife Foundation gives practical support for disabled children throughout the UK, cares for the carers, funds medical research, creates awareness and campaigns for change.

Originally the foundation focussed on those children born with a condition. In August 2008, following a name change(formerly BDF/Birth Defects Foundation), the charity widened its scope to help more children up to the age of 18 years.

The charity’s services are led by professional Nurses and their record in funding research is excellent. They give equipment grants quickly and with the child’s needs uppermost in mind. There awareness raising and campaigns put children and their families first in people and decision maker’s minds. They keep costs low and are one of the few charities who openly give donors the chance to ensure 100% of their donation or fundraising reaches what they want to fund, with no admin costs taken out.

Newlife Foundation offers:

  • Nurse Services
  • Equipment Grant Services
  • Medical Research
  • Campaigns and Awareness
  • Nurse Services Telephone 0800 902 0095 (Freephone)

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