Values Into Action Scotland

It’s great to receive requests from organisations seeking a posting on the site. That’s exactly what happened recently and I’d really like more requests like this. In addition any feedback on the posts already on the site and/or additional information to go with those posts would also be welcome, of course.

Anyway, the message I got (thanks Norma) says:

“Values Into Action Scotland promote rights, choice and control for people with learning difficulties. We have recently revamped our website and would like as many people as possible to view and contribute to it. We carry information on research, campaigns and training but also have lots of information to help people in our work section which you can visit at”

“I note that Remploy is your only listing under employment so that might be a good place to put us if you think that this is a good idea.”

If you want to learn more about what it is Values Into Action Scotland, such as their training courses or research projects, then do please visit their website and click on the icons they use as navigation aids.

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