Never Alone – a support site for all supporters and carers

I recently received a message via my Twitter account (why not ‘follow me’) asking me if I’d like to link to a site called Never Alone. But, as will be apparent if you have had a look around the site, I do not have a links section as such. Effectively the individual posts act as links to whatever the post is about. But Never Alone is worth a post, so here goes..

Never Alone is a support site for all supporters and carers. In April 2010 the idea of Never Alone was born. Gemma husband, Mark, had been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. They were shocked and bewildered…as you’d expect.

Gemma says she automatically shutdown – on the outside she adopted the role of supporter/carer, asking the right questions and comforting Mark. But on the inside she went into complete shock and couldn’t believe/didn’t want to believe what she’d just been told.

To add to their “stress” Mark and Gemma decided to try IVF, as they were about to start on this journey prior to his diagnosis, in June 2010. Unfortunately, this led to more bad news, the process was unsuccessful and Gemma was devastated. But Gemma felt she had to remain strong to get Mark through his treatment. They could try again later, when he was well.

Gemma says “Sounds easy but trust me it really wasn’t. I have nights when all I want to do is scream, cry, hit something, or just get lost doing something else, my brain is active the whole time. What if the treatment doesn’t work? What if this is just all a really bad dream? What if it goes and then comes back? Work issues, personal issues etc… etc… constantly going round and round in my head.”

She goes on to say “Although I have an amazing support network around me, which I know I’m fortunate to have, sometimes I just want to talk to someone who understands how I’m feeling but who isn’t going to keep asking me how I’m feeling, do I still feel the same etc…”

“In all honesty I’ve never had so many people around me, supporting me, and yet felt so alone.”

This previous statement is one I can definitely relate to. I think even my closest friends can’t really understand our situation unless they were to be living it too.

So in June 2010 Gemma made the decision to set up Never Alone.

The aim is that it will be a site which will offer a place for you to go to without having to leave your loved one/s alone. Somewhere you can get away from everything, talk to someone about how you’re feeling and then change the subject and not discuss it again unless you want to. You have things going on with you as well but you don’t want to burden your loved one with it, they have enough to deal with, but you do need to off load and this is the place to do it.

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