Archive: November, 2010

Protecting the vulnerable from the vulnerable

Driving home from work this evening I heard a news story that made my heart lurch.

The Guardian neatly surmised the story in this headline Mother admits killing her 12-year-old autistic son after making him drink bleach. It’s reported that the mother, Satpal Kaur Singh, feared social services would take the boy away. She has admitted manslaughter [...]

Person centred planning

Someone recently put this phrase into the site search. Whoever it was won’t have found any results returned. So I aim to rectify that right now.

What is Person Centred Planning? Person Centred Planning (or Person Centred Support) is a set of processes, tools and approaches designed to assist someone (usually with disabilities and/or learning difficulties) to [...]

The disabled in Nazi Germany

I recently found myself in London for a business meeting. It was in the lobby-cum-restaurant area of a new hotel at near Waterloo station. There was a fantastic view straight across Waterloo Bridge to Parliament, but I had my back to this view for most of the meeting. Shame.

When the meeting was over, instead of heading [...]