Person centred planning

Someone recently put this phrase into the site search. Whoever it was won’t have found any results returned. So I aim to rectify that right now.

What is Person Centred Planning? Person Centred Planning (or Person Centred Support) is a set of processes, tools and approaches designed to assist someone (usually with disabilities and/or learning difficulties) to plan the support required to live their life. It takes the view that the more traditional approach is that services which are set up to respond to problems of social exclusion, disempowerment, and devaluation, can unintentionally make the situation of individual people worse (i.e. further disempower, devalue and exclude people).

According to Wikipedia “Person Centred Planning is accepted as good practice in many countries throughout the world.” Actually if you want a detailed, if rather dry (academic?), account of what Person Centred Planning is then you could do worse than to go to the Wikipedia entry.

But if you want to learn more or just crave more easily digestible information I would recommend the following sites:

Person-centred support: what service users and practitioners say (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

What is Person Centred Planning? (Circles Network)

Our work on person centred support (Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities)

Person Centred Support (Inclusive Solutions)

There’s even a YouTube channel – peopleplan’s Channel – with a number of vidoes covering this subject. I have placed the introductory video below:

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If anyone reading this has any experience in Person Centred Planning please contribute to this post.

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