Archive: March, 2011

Inefficiences in the NHS

First, let me just say I am not an “NHS basher”. Far from it. Healthcare that is free at the point of use is something to be celebrated, cherished and protected. But…

Sometimes you do have to wonder at the inefficienes in the system. And how much wasted money these must cost!

My lovely son is about to [...]

The benefits of trampolining for children with special needs

When my son was born he was very ‘floppy’ – the medical term is hypotonia, basically its low mucle tone. He had baby physiotherapy and we used to do exercises at home with him. Then, when his sister came a long and she was about two years old, we bought them a trampoline for the garden [...]

A Life Skills Coach can help enhance the life of a Special Needs Adult

For special needs adults living independently can be a bit of a struggle. The things that many of us take for granted are hurdles in the lives of many special needs adults. However even with the difficulties that they may face in achieving their independence many special needs adults are not only willing but have a [...]