The benefits of trampolining for children with special needs

When my son was born he was very ‘floppy’ – the medical term is hypotonia, basically its low mucle tone. He had baby physiotherapy and we used to do exercises at home with him. Then, when his sister came a long and she was about two years old, we bought them a trampoline for the garden – 8ft circular thing with an enclosure.

He loved it and would literally bounce up and down for ages. We would have to drag him off it! He taught himself how to do seat drops and other simple tricks. And it benefited his muscle tone and his fitness levels tremendously. Don’t believe me? You try bouncing up and down for a few minutes, nothing fancy, just bounce up and down, and see how out of breath you get!

So when I was emailed by a company that sells trampolines asking if they could submit a piece about the benefits of trampolining for children with special needs I said “yes”. This is what they sent me:

atlantic trampolinesResearch shows that children with special needs benefit greatly from regular exercise and trampolining in particular provides many additional advantages.

Using a trampoline to exercise is now more commonly known as Rebound Therapy.

The term ‘Rebound therapy’ was first used in 1969 by E G Anderson. Rebound Therapy facilitates exercise for people with special needs. Among the many benefits of rebound therapy are relaxation, exercise tolerance, muscle tone management, increase in coordination.

More and more trampoline clubs around the UK are starting to offer rebound therapy to children with special needs.

As well as rehabilitation benefits, trampolining ensures that children get fresh air and sunlight and well as the opportunity to socialise with peers.

Whilst the use of the trampoline can be extremely beneficial to a child with special needs, safety must always be taken into account. If you are thinking of purchasing a trampoline for your child, a make sure you look at trampolines with enclosures as these will help your child to bounce safely.

This article was provided by Atlantic Trampolines, online retailer of high quality trampolines and trampoline accessories.

I completely get the benefits so I am happy to post this article.

But Atlantic Trampolines also agreed that, as they are a commercial company, they would make a donation on the JustGiving page.

Other commercial organisations are welcome to submit articles (no garantee they’ll be included of course) if they think they have something useful to impart to the special needs community and on the understanding they too will make a donation if the article is posted. Seems a fair enough proposition to me.

Donations made will go to the Down Syndrome Association.

You can learn more about rebound therapy here.

2 comments to The benefits of trampolining for children with special needs

  • Exercise for children is so so important as it is, but it’s even greater to see outdoor toys becoming so useful as they have for their strength and coordination.

    Can imagine it was an absolute thrill to see your son so happy on his trampoline.

  • Good for Atlantic Trampolines – a company that sees beyond mere headline sales and who can see the joy of what their product can bring to people.