User generated information on wheelchair accessible places

I was recently contacted by Marco Mattioli. He wanted to know If I’d like to promote So I took a look and asked Marco if he’d like to send me something. Well, better it comes firsthand from him than secondhand via me. This is what he sent me:

Rollsquare is a user generated map of places accessible to persons in a wheelchair. Users can read, add or review places on the website, and then use the webapp on their smartphones to find accessible places near them when they are abroad thanks to powerful geolocalization features.

A lot of work has been done in the last years to spread concepts such as “accessibility”, “usability”, and “equal opportunities”. But a lot of work has to be done, since travelling could still be a pain for people with disabilities. For this reason web and mobile apps can be a truly powerful “weapon” when talking about accessible tourism: users reviews offer real experience and trusted opinions.

Not only a directory, Rollsquare is also a community with member profiles, groups and badges to unlock. You don’t need to register: you can directly connect through your Facebook account.

Its a great idea and could build into a really useful resource. Please take a look and contribute

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