A hug for my brother – sibling support groups

Its my daughters birthday today. She’s nine years old. But her best friend, Emma, has also just turned nine and she had her birthday party last Saturday. It consisted of a sleepover with a handful of Emma’s friends, including my daughter. I didn’t envy Emma’s parents!

My wife picked up my daughter on Sunday morning and brought her home. She walked through the door and the first thing she did was go up to her older brother and give him a big hug. It was one of lifes nice moments.

It must be hard to be a sibling of a child with special needs. Often, without our realising it, the sibling is forced into a sort of quasi-caring role as well. And they are denied the normal sibling interactions their peers take for granted. As parents we take it for granted that we are carers also. But this isn’t how its supposed to be for siblings. Theen there is the ralisation that the sibling(s) will be there after parents are gone and special education services are a thing of the past. My daughter has already realsied this as demonstarted by her recent qestion to me “Daddy, will I have to look after J when he’s grown up?”

Needless to say it, but I am very proud of my beautiful daughter. Happy birthday sweetheart.

Support groups for siblings:

Let me know of any other support groups for siblings and young carers.

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