Hairy legs

My son is growing up. It happens I suppose. But does it have to happen so fast?

J tuned twelve this year, he moved up to senior school, his voice is getting steadily lower, oh, and hair has started to appear where it didn’t used to be. What happened to my little boy?

The hairs on J’s legs have begun to change from the soft blond down of his childhood to darker thicker hairs that mark the beginning of puberty. But my son doesn’t appear to like this new look. I made a comment to him recently about the hairs on his legs. His response – “Hairy legs. I don’t like it!”

I ‘m not sure I like it that much either. Clearly this was going to happen, growing up I mean. But it has made my wife and I acutely more aware that we have to start preparing and planning for the future. School acts like a safety net at present. It fills the days (during term time at least) and keeps J busy and happy. But the school years fly by. It won’t be long before school will be gone. What then?

At the moment the future seems daunting and a little bleak, if I may say so. From my current viewpoint it strikes me that services for adults with special needs and/or disabilities are under tremendous pressure and that pressure shows no signs of easing up.

Its so easy to close down or remove a service but so much harder to re-introduce or reopen a service.

What are we to do? We have to fight. Fight on for the services and care our loved ones deserve, that’s all we can do.

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