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A few weeks back I received an email from Jane McConnell, the mother of a boy with Downs Syndrome. But she’s also legally qualified and runs a charity called IPSEA. Jane wanted me to add a piece to AllAboutSpecialNeeds.com to help raise awareness of this service. I emailed her back to suggest she submit a piece as I felt this would be better than anything I can write. Jane, if your reading this, do send me something and I happily add it. In the meantime…

IPSEA was established as a voluntary organisation in 1983 and registered as a charity (number 327691) in 1989.

Originally IPSEA was a small organisation of special educational needs professionals (mainly educational psychologists). Over the last 20 years, it has evolved into a national charity providing free legally based advice. IPSEA is now a parent-led organisation with the majority of our volunteers, members and Trustees being parents/carers of children with special educational needs.

IPSEA leads the field in the provision of free special education needs / disability advice and campaigning. It provides free legally based advice and support for parents who have children who happen to have SEN and/or a disability. They then use the evidence to lobby government and take legal cases to clarify the law.

IPSEA’s trained volunteers give free, legally based independent advice and support in England and Wales.

General Advice Line: 0800 018 4016

Advice on: Problems with schools; requesting statutory assessment; proposed statements; annual reviews; possible disability discrimination; exclusion from school, etc.

Tribunal Help Line : 0845 602 9579

Next-step advice on SEN appeals and disability discrimination claims to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal. When you call we will assess whether you need casework support.

You may find what you need by visiting IPSEA’s website resources on common problems, how to complain, exclusion and refusal to assess.

Furthermore IPSEA also provides an advice and casework service to member of the DSA – Jane usually write an Ask IPSEA article for the DSA magazine each quarter.

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