Marching to a different beat

Following the bout of flu’ my lad had last year, this year we have made sure to get him the flu’ vaccination. His mum took to the doc a couple of days ago. All done. I’m sure there is probably no connection but now he seems to have come down with a cold/mild fever. Oh well. His mum’s not feeling great either so maybe its just a cold being pased from one to another.

While waiting in the doctor’s surgery for the jab a mum came in with a young baby. The baby happened to have Down Syndrome. The mum came and sat next to my wife and they passed the moments chatting, with my wife cooing over the baby that was, by her account, very cute.

This has happened before – other parents of children with Down Syndrome making a bee line for us – and always surprises me slighty because it implies (the obvious probably) that my son clearly looks like he has Downs Syndrome. The thing is that a lot of the time I look at him and I don’t see it. I mean I know it, but when I look at J I don’t see the stereotype image of a boy with Down Syndrome. I just see my handsome lad.

What’s more I often don’t see it in other kids either. I often have to ask my wife (who must dispair at my naivity) “whats the diagnosis for so and so’s child?” And the reponse comes back “Down Syndrome”. “Really?” I’ll say. And I mean it.

Is it just me?

What I do see, especially in J (and this is a stereotype of people with Down Syndrome), is that he is a loving and kind individual with a wicked sense of humour and a smile that lights up a room and melts your heart. I often think there world would be a better place if we were all a bit more like this. Its the rest of us that are marching to the wrong beat.

It’s been said before, of that I’m sure.

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