Yoga for children with special needs

A while back – so long in fact I am ashamed to say – I received an email asking me if I would post the following. Better late than never…

I would like to introduce The Special Yoga Centre, a registered charity, dedicated to supporting children with special needs through yoga therapy. The London based centre, founded in 2006, by yoga therapist Jo Manuel, trains over 300 yoga therapists a year and the charity sees over 500 children per week in schools, group classes or 1:1 private sessions at homes or in the therapy rooms at the centre, currently based in Kensal Rise.

Findings reveal that children with special needs benefit from regular yoga sessions, with reports showing children with autism enjoying improved sleep, better concentration, more balanced eating habits, clearer speech and communication skills and improved general awareness and well-being. At one school, after just one term of regular yoga therapy, its been noted that children with profoundly challenged children, reported the following findings: 100% improved concentration, 67% improvement of mood, 83% improved communication and 100% improved social skills.

Due to a continuous increase in demand for the charity’s services, which includes specialized yoga programmes in both mainstream and special schools, the charity is moving to West Hampstead in August. The new, larger premises will accommodate more therapy rooms, larger group classes and better facilities for the children and families and a larger space in which to train new yoga therapists. This will make The Special Yoga Centre the largest yoga therapy training centre in Europe.

The Charity also operates as a yoga centre, providing yoga classes for the children’s parents, extended family and the general public. The centre offers over 70 classes a week, some on a donation basis and funds for the remaining classes goes towards yoga therapy sessions for the children and teenagers.

We would like to invite you to come and see how yoga therapy helps these children and meet founder and director, Jo Manuel. The families and children who attend the centre and yoga therapists are available for interviews. Interviews with some of the schools head teachers can also be arranged.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Do call me, Aimee Hartley,  on 07826 205 163 or visit if you would like any further information.

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