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Inefficiences in the NHS

First, let me just say I am not an “NHS basher”. Far from it. Healthcare that is free at the point of use is something to be celebrated, cherished and protected. But…

Sometimes you do have to wonder at the inefficienes in the system. And how much wasted money these must cost!

My lovely son is about to [...]

Another poor sentence for a hate-crime against the disabled

I sat in my kitchen yesterday afternoon, switched on the laptop, and checked the Google newsfeed on the site. A headline from The Guardian attracted my attention and I clicked through. My wife wandered in looked at the screen and asked me the blindingly obvious – “whatcha doin?”

“Reading a news story on The Guardian”, I replied.

“Oh. [...]

Death of mother and disabled daughter after refusing help

Another sad sad story hit the media headlines a couple of days back. This time it appears that the mother of a disabled daughter died suddenly leaving the daughter (apparently paralysed from the neck down) to stave to death next to her.

What sets this apart from other incidents that tend to hit  the headlines is that in [...]

Girl with learning difficulties found hanged

Is it me or are these stories turning up with monotonous regularity?

This latest one is a very depressing case as it concerns a young girl of eight who was found in her “filthy bedroom” hanged by a cord after being effectively “abandoned to her fate” (neglected) by her parents, according to the Daily Mail. I won’t [...]