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Off We Go! book series

I recently received an email from Patrick, father of a young girl who has downs syndrome. Patrick was enquiring into the possibility of having a little introductory work shop on Numicon and wondered if I might know of anyone he could contact regarding this. But he also mentioned that he and his wife also distribute books [...]

Peter Rowe, author and man with Down’s Syndrome

My in-laws now live in Australia. Have done for a few years in fact. We have been very fortunate in being able to take our family “down-under” on a couple of occasions to go and see them. We even looked into emigrating to join them there. But that’s a post for another time.

Last time we were [...]

Disability Solutions

Disability Solutions is the free publication (with some very interesting articles) of Creating Solutions, a project of The San Francisco Foundation Community Initiative Funds. It is an online publication for families (and others) interested in Down syndrome especially but also other developmental disabilities, and in particular in the dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism. The [...]

Disability Now

I have just taken out a subscription to Disabilty Now.

Disability Now claims to be the UK’s biggest selling disability related newspaper. Published by Scope on a fortnightly basis and with an associated website it covers the latest news stories, bring comment from the UK’s most influential disabled campaigners, offers guides to the latest developments in motoring and [...]

Shifting Perspectives: changing attitudes to Downs Syndrome

Back in 2005 we were contacted by Richard Bailey, a photographer and father of a girl with Down Syndrome. We first met Richard when we had taken our son to attend a week long speech therapy course run by Symbol UK. He was putting together a calender, for the Down Syndrome Association which would consit of [...]

Book: Down Syndrome - An introduction for carers and carers

Cover image

I was asked to review the third edition of Down Syndrome – An Introduction for Parents and Carers by the publishers, Souvenir Press, in December 2008. Not something I have previously been approached to do but I’m happy to give it a go.

Written by Cliff Cunningham, Visiting Professor of Applied Psychology at Liverpool’s John [...]

America according to Connor Gifford

American friends of ours (hi Irene & Sam), who have a son with Down’s Syndrome, suggested I take a look at a website by another young man with Down’s Syndrome who was promoting a book he has written on American history. He had invited them to become “friends” with him on Facebook.

The website,, is an [...]

Able Magazine

Able Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for disabled people in the UK.

Published every two months, Able is a lively, full colour publication, which focuses on what people can do, not what they can’t. Their experienced team of professional journalists (which includes wheelchair users) regularly checks out different sporting and leisure opportunities and reports back to our [...]