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Britain’s divided schools: a disturbing portrait of inequality

One of the most comprehensive studies into fairness in the UK shows how class, race and gender remain crucial factors in determining how British pupils succeed at school – and beyond

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Lifeworks – tackle exclusion, disadvantage and inequality

My heart belongs in Devon. I went to school there for 5 years and have missed it ever since leaving at 18 years of age. One of my closest friends lives in Exeter and has a business there (Burgoynes Estate Agents). That gives me all the excuses I need to get back down there as often as [...]

Ofsted report on special needs comes under fire

Expert says more special needs children are being identified because diagnosis has improved [...]

Fledglings: Simple, affordable solutions to day-to-day difficulties

Fledglings is a registered charity I came across when looking at the links section of the website for the special needs school my son attends (check out this entry on ICT and special needs submitted by the IT manager from the school).  Fledglings aims to help parents and carers of a child with special needs [...]

Mainstream or Special Needs school?

I can only speak from my experience here in the UK.

My son started life in mainstream. Infant school for three years, then changed at 7 to a middle school where he stayed for one year. When he was 8 he moved to our local special needs school.

He always appeared to be petty happy [...]

ICT and special needs

I am very grateful to Rob, Network Manager at my son’s school, for sending me this informayive entry on some of the ICT software and hardware is use at the Ridgeway Community School.

My name is Rob Anderson, I’m the network manager at the Ridgeway Community School in Farnham. I’ve been running the ICT there for over [...]

Down Syndrome Education International

An organisation we have used on a number of occasions is the Down Syndrome Education International (Registered Charity No: 1062823) based in Portsmouth, UK. It’s objectives are to undertake research and provide information, training and advice to promote the development and education of individuals with Down syndrome worldwide.

We have bought and used the Down Syndrome Education [...]

Symbol UK

Symbol UK is an independent organisation, set up in 1998, that operates on a not-for-profit basis in the south east of England and further afield, working in partnership to provide service to children and adults with special needs and related communication difficulties.

Working in a wide variety of locations, across the full spectrum of Educational and Care [...]

Distance Learning course: Adults with learning disabilities

The University of Stirling runs an open learning course, which can be completed by part time study, and leads to a  Certificate in “Adults with learning disabilities who have significant and complex needs”. This is at Post Graduate level, and is accredited at 60 postgraduate points (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework level 11). People successfully completing [...]


Portage is a home-visiting educational service for pre-school children with additional support needs and their families. We were put in touch with our local Portage service within a few weeks of our son’s birth – and we will be forever grateful for that!


The first such scheme was developed in Portage, Wisconsin, USA in the early 1970′s [...]