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Yoga for children with special needs

A while back – so long in fact I am ashamed to say – I received an email asking me if I would post the following. Better late than never…

I would like to introduce The Special Yoga Centre, a registered charity, dedicated to supporting children with special needs through yoga therapy. The London based centre, founded [...]

Farm visits with Let Nature Feed Your Senses

Farm visits are something we have enjoyed as a family on many occasions over the years so I was intrigued to get an email about Let Nature Feed Your Senses, an initiative which offers free and accessible farm visits for people with disabilities, those aged 65 and over and people from socially deprived areas.

The following information [...]

The benefits of trampolining for children with special needs

When my son was born he was very ‘floppy’ – the medical term is hypotonia, basically its low mucle tone. He had baby physiotherapy and we used to do exercises at home with him. Then, when his sister came a long and she was about two years old, we bought them a trampoline for the garden [...]

Of underbites and pizza

 We went to see Toy Story 3 last weekend. We watched it in 3d. I say “we” but my son refused to wear the glasses so he sat through the entire film watching it in a slightly blurred fashion as the two images overlapped one-another. Of course I offered him the glasses several times during the [...]

Shoes and orthotics

A parent at the Twenty One & Co group (a Down’s Syndrome support group providing speech & language therapy) we attend recently made the following observation:

“It can be difficult to get well fitting shoes for our children. Personally, Crocs were a great success for us this summer and I found a wide fitting shoe from [...]

Sonas aPc

Sonas aPc is a not-for-profit company and registered charity.


Sonas aPc was pioneered in 1990 by Sr Mary Threadgold, a Dublin-based Sister of Charity and speech and language therapist. She was concerned about the lack of stimulation for older people in residential care, particularly those with dementia.

Drawing on her skills and experience as a speech & language [...]

Project Lifesaver

I was sent this entry by parents of a lad with Down Syndrome in the USA. This rang a chord with me (and I am sure will do so with other parents too) as my son once decided to take himself off to the local park without our knowledge! Whilst my wife and I frantically searched the surrounding [...]