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Farm visits with Let Nature Feed Your Senses

Farm visits are something we have enjoyed as a family on many occasions over the years so I was intrigued to get an email about Let Nature Feed Your Senses, an initiative which offers free and accessible farm visits for people with disabilities, those aged 65 and over and people from socially deprived areas.

The following information [...] User generated information on wheelchair accessible places

I was recently contacted by Marco Mattioli. He wanted to know If I’d like to promote So I took a look and asked Marco if he’d like to send me something. Well, better it comes firsthand from him than secondhand via me. This is what he sent me:

Rollsquare is a user generated map of places [...]

The benefits of trampolining for children with special needs

When my son was born he was very ‘floppy’ – the medical term is hypotonia, basically its low mucle tone. He had baby physiotherapy and we used to do exercises at home with him. Then, when his sister came a long and she was about two years old, we bought them a trampoline for the garden [...]

Lifeworks – tackle exclusion, disadvantage and inequality

My heart belongs in Devon. I went to school there for 5 years and have missed it ever since leaving at 18 years of age. One of my closest friends lives in Exeter and has a business there (Burgoynes Estate Agents). That gives me all the excuses I need to get back down there as often as [...]

IN2 leisure discount scheme (Waverley Borough Council)

My daughter is an excellent swimmer (if I do say so myself). And she loves to swim – which helps. My son also loves to go swimming. Until recently it would be less than accuarte to have described what he did in the pool as swimming though. This was despite our best efforts, or so it [...]

Mountain House Holidays

This is another organisation I came across when perusing the BBC’s Thrillseeker website (see my post on the Calvert Trust).

Mountain House Holidays offer a range of walking and adventure activity holidays and breaks for people of all ages and abilities. Their aim is “to provide you with a holiday to remember whatever your age or ability” [...]

The Calvert Trust

Its funny how you can stunble across things as you bumble through life.

I was half watching CountryFile as I prepared dinner yesterday. At they end of the programme there was a trailer for something called Thrillseeker and the website address was flashed up. Wondering what this was about and whether or not there might be something [...]

Guildford Saints Pan Disability Football Team

When we attended a recent session of the UniSPORT Sport Club I was handed a flyer for the Guildford Saints promoting free football training for disabled and special educational needs (SEN) footballers ages 7-16 (boys and girls).

To be eligible players must attend a Special School, have a recognised / registered disability or have a statement of [...]

Disability Challengers

I first wrote an entry on Disability Challengers for a previous version of this website. And, once again, I was reminded of the fantastic resource we have right here on our Farnham doorstep only the other day following a family day out to Bocketts Farm near Leatherhead where a group from Disability Challengers was also present.

Disability Challengers is a [...]

The Elite Academy Of Dance

One of the things my boy loves to do is dance. We’re all sick of “High School Musical” and “Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in our household. All of us that is, except for one person who can often be found dancing and singing along to the DVDs or CDs.

So it was with interest that [...]