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Hampshire Children and Families Forum

One of the mums at my daughters school told me of her involvement with this charity…

Hampshire Children and Families Forum (HCFF) is a registered charity (No. 1080170) and has 20 local branches across Hampshire in the UK. HCFF works to support the needs of families within each local community. It gives parents and carers an opportunity [...]

Glasgow University Centre for Excellence in Development Disabilities

The year 2000 saw the establishment of the Glasgow University Centre for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD). Internationally, UCEDDs have built on the original concept and aims of the University Affiliated Program (UAP) model, developed in the USA in the 1960s. 

The Glasgow UCEDD

The Glasgow UCEDD adopts and develops the UAP principles, in order to further the inclusion and [...]

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities works to promote the rights, quality of life and opportunities of people with learning disabilities and their families.

It does this by working with people with learning disabilities, their families and the people who support them.

It carries out research, promotes the rights of people with learning disabilities, improve services and [...]

ENABLE Scotland

ENABLE Scotland is a charitable organisation (charity number SC009024) run by its members. It started as a campaigning organisation and pushing for improvements in the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities remains at the heart of what the organisation does.

ENABLE Scotland campaigns are shaped and decided by its members. It campaigns for a better [...]

Down's Syndrome Scotland

Down’s Syndrome Scotland (Charity No. SC011012) works to improve the quality of life for everyone with Down’s syndrome. Its members include people with Down’s syndrome, families and professionals. It provides information, support and advice:

Offer telephone advice for anyone wanting information on any aspect of Down’s syndrome
Produce leaflets and other information about Down’s syndrome, from birth to [...]

Down Syndrome Education International

An organisation we have used on a number of occasions is the Down Syndrome Education International (Registered Charity No: 1062823) based in Portsmouth, UK. It’s objectives are to undertake research and provide information, training and advice to promote the development and education of individuals with Down syndrome worldwide.

We have bought and used the Down Syndrome Education [...]

Down's Sydrome Association

As our son happens to have Down’s syndrome we are members of the the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA), a UK charity (Registered Charity No. 1061474) that exists to provide information and support for people with Down’s syndrome, their families, carers and those with a professional interest. It also seeks to improve knowledge and understanding and champion [...]

Down's Heart Group

About 47% of babies born with Down’s Syndrome also have some form of congenital heart defect. Some of these will require surgery and as this often takes place within 3 to 6 months after birth, families very quickly discover the need for helpful information in a format that they can easily understand.

Down’s Heart Group is a [...]

Carers Association Southern Staffordshire

The Carers Association Southern Staffordshire (CASS) is a registered charity (Registered Charity No: 1086979 ) providing confidential advice, information and emotional support to carers of any age living within the districts of Cannock Chase, East Staffs, Lichfield, South Staffs, Stafford and Tamworth.


Carers Association Southern Staffordshire has been working for carers in Staffordshire since 1996. It became [...]

Capability Scotland

Capability Scotland is one of the leading Scottish disability organisations (Scottish Charity number SC36524) and has over 60 years experience of providing services to disabled people of all ages in Scotland.


The organisation was launched in 1946 by a group of committed parents and professionals. The first service, Westerlea School for children with cerebral palsy, opened [...]