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Peter Rowe, author and man with Down’s Syndrome

My in-laws now live in Australia. Have done for a few years in fact. We have been very fortunate in being able to take our family “down-under” on a couple of occasions to go and see them. We even looked into emigrating to join them there. But that’s a post for another time.

Last time we were [...]

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy

Surfing the web. That’s what you end up doing when your intentions were anything but.

I wanted to get an entry posted on Key Changes Music Therapy, a charity I had come across via my son’s schools website. Whilst doing this I couldn’t help but recall a music therapy charity or organisation I new about from my [...]

Key Changes Music Therapy

I came across this charity on the link spage of my son’s school website. I believe they have been into the school to run sessions. So my son has almost certainly benefited from this. And I know he would enjoy these sessions – he loves music. Most mornings he is up before us and entertains himself [...]

21 & Co (Down Syndrome support group)

21 & Co's logo

I can’t quite believe that I haven’t put a post up about this charity before now. Considering we attended their excellent speech therapy sessions at the Langdon Down Centre (I think they have moved from there now) for a number of years when my son was younger.

As they say on their website [...]

I CAN: Children's communication charity

I can’t recall how I first came across I CAN  but I wrote about this charity on the original version of so I have recreated that entry here. I am reminded once again re-reading this that, whilst its all too easy to focus on the bad and distressing news that is reported endlessly in our media, [...]


In the course of my day job (yes – I have a day job) I occasionally get to visit Online conferences and exhibitions (that is to say conferences and exhibitions about the world of online business). During one such recent visit I happened across an exhibition stand for a company called Texthelp Systems Ltd, the people [...]

British Sign Language

As the name would imply, British Sign Language (BSL) is the predominant form of sign language used in the United Kingdom. There is an excellent article on the Wikipedia website about BSL . Also there is a BSL website.

Other useful links

British Deaf Association – Sign Community
ScienceSigns – free online BSL dictionary for science subjects
EngineeringSigns – [...]

Symbol UK

Symbol UK is an independent organisation, set up in 1998, that operates on a not-for-profit basis in the south east of England and further afield, working in partnership to provide service to children and adults with special needs and related communication difficulties.

Working in a wide variety of locations, across the full spectrum of Educational and Care [...]

Sonas aPc

Sonas aPc is a not-for-profit company and registered charity.


Sonas aPc was pioneered in 1990 by Sr Mary Threadgold, a Dublin-based Sister of Charity and speech and language therapist. She was concerned about the lack of stimulation for older people in residential care, particularly those with dementia.

Drawing on her skills and experience as a speech & language [...]

Singing Hands

Suzanne and Tracy are the co-founders of Singing Hands. Our son (and daughter) have sung and signed with them on a number of occasions such as the Down syndrome Association Christmas Carol concert. My son always enjoys these occasions. I have taken the following (below the video) information from the Singing Hands website “About Us” page (with permission [...]