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I was recently contacted by Marco Mattioli. He wanted to know If I’d like to promote So I took a look and asked Marco if he’d like to send me something. Well, better it comes firsthand from him than secondhand via me. This is what he sent me:

Rollsquare is a user generated map of places [...]

Most Recommended Airline for Travellers with a Disability

I was recently contacted by the people from Holiday Extras to ask if I could help publise their awards ceremony which included the Customers’ Award for Most Recommended Airline for Travellers with a Disability. They sent me the following text.

With the January snow storms, unexpected disasters such as the spread of the volcanic ash cloud in [...]

Companion cycling

When my son was about 5 or 6 I made a vow that I would get him riding a bike. 5 years later and I have not (yet) been able to fulfil that vow.

Pashley Pickle tricycle

The seeds were sown when friends very generously handed on to us a Pashley Pickle tricycle (see picture). I must [...]

Disabled Person's Railcard

When I was a student I had, and frequently used, a student Railcard. It entitled me to a 1/3 of all fares and was great. I recently discovered that there is a similar scheme available for disabled train travellers!

The Disabled Person’s Railcard

If you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult you may qualify for [...]

Airports and flying with disability

Did you know that UK airports have a Special Needs check-in for all flights? We have taken advantage on several occasions when the queues for our flight have been very long. It is just like the usual check-in but with no queues! Obviously you need to have a disabled child/adult with you! Unfortunately very few airports [...]

Travel on South West Trains

I am sure all the train operators across the UK will offer similar services for their disabled passengers, however I am only familiar with South West Trains – our local operator.

Services from South West Trains

South West Trains are, as you would expect, “committed to giving excellent customer service to all of our passengers.” For their disables [...]


Motability is a national UK-based charity (registered charity no: 299745), set up on the initiative of the Government in 1977, to assist disabled people with their mobility needs. Motability direct and oversee the Motability Scheme which enables disabled people to obtain a car, powered wheelchair or scooter simply by using their government-funded mobility allowances.

According to Motability, [...]