Yoga for children with special needs

A while back – so long in fact I am ashamed to say – I received an email asking me if I would post the following. Better late than never…

I would like to introduce The Special Yoga Centre, a registered charity, dedicated to supporting children with special needs through yoga therapy. The London based centre, founded [...]

Off We Go! book series

I recently received an email from Patrick, father of a young girl who has downs syndrome. Patrick was enquiring into the possibility of having a little introductory work shop on Numicon and wondered if I might know of anyone he could contact regarding this. But he also mentioned that he and his wife also distribute books [...]

Farm visits with Let Nature Feed Your Senses

Farm visits are something we have enjoyed as a family on many occasions over the years so I was intrigued to get an email about Let Nature Feed Your Senses, an initiative which offers free and accessible farm visits for people with disabilities, those aged 65 and over and people from socially deprived areas.

The following information [...]

More about IPSEA

Following on from my last post on IPSEA (read it here) Julia Hancock – IPSEA Development Manager – very kindly sent me the following article about IPSEA and the work they do.

Independent Parental Special Education Advice – known as IPSEA

I asked Jane McConnell, Chief Executive of IPSEA, to tell us about their work. Jane became [...]

IPSEA: Independent Parental Special Education Advice

A few weeks back I received an email from Jane McConnell, the mother of a boy with Downs Syndrome. But she’s also legally qualified and runs a charity called IPSEA. Jane wanted me to add a piece to to help raise awareness of this service. I emailed her back to suggest she submit a piece [...]

Marching to a different beat

Following the bout of flu’ my lad had last year, this year we have made sure to get him the flu’ vaccination. His mum took to the doc a couple of days ago. All done. I’m sure there is probably no connection but now he seems to have come down with a cold/mild fever. Oh well. [...]

Hairy legs

My son is growing up. It happens I suppose. But does it have to happen so fast?

J tuned twelve this year, he moved up to senior school, his voice is getting steadily lower, oh, and hair has started to appear where it didn’t used to be. What happened to my little boy?

The hairs on J’s [...]

Stepping Stones DS – supporting parents of children with Down syndrome

My wife has put all the great and unique skills she learnt in the early years of raising our son to good use. She looks after a little girl with Down Syndrome two mornings a week at a local nursery. The little girls mum has put us in touch with a support group that operates in [...] User generated information on wheelchair accessible places

I was recently contacted by Marco Mattioli. He wanted to know If I’d like to promote So I took a look and asked Marco if he’d like to send me something. Well, better it comes firsthand from him than secondhand via me. This is what he sent me:

Rollsquare is a user generated map of places [...]

A hug for my brother – sibling support groups

Its my daughters birthday today. She’s nine years old. But her best friend, Emma, has also just turned nine and she had her birthday party last Saturday. It consisted of a sleepover with a handful of Emma’s friends, including my daughter. I didn’t envy Emma’s parents!

My wife picked up my daughter on Sunday morning and brought [...]