The Welfare Reform Bill: Fair Cuts for Disabled?

Allied Mobility – a wheelchair accessible vehicles specialist, supplying a wide range of wheelchair car, MPV and minibus models – contacted me recently with a view to posting an article.  This is what they submitted.  I hope you agree that it fits the criteria of this site in that it is informative – the Welfare Reform [...]

Inefficiences in the NHS

First, let me just say I am not an “NHS basher”. Far from it. Healthcare that is free at the point of use is something to be celebrated, cherished and protected. But…

Sometimes you do have to wonder at the inefficienes in the system. And how much wasted money these must cost!

My lovely son is about to [...]

The benefits of trampolining for children with special needs

When my son was born he was very ‘floppy’ – the medical term is hypotonia, basically its low mucle tone. He had baby physiotherapy and we used to do exercises at home with him. Then, when his sister came a long and she was about two years old, we bought them a trampoline for the garden [...]

A Life Skills Coach can help enhance the life of a Special Needs Adult

For special needs adults living independently can be a bit of a struggle. The things that many of us take for granted are hurdles in the lives of many special needs adults. However even with the difficulties that they may face in achieving their independence many special needs adults are not only willing but have a [...]

Cherry Trees – home from home respite care

My better half was secretary of the Ridgeway Community School “Friends association” until very recently. One of the other committee members, also a parent of a child attending the school, would take my son’s class for football. Quite by coincidence both he and my wife were at the same event today. A round table discussion organised [...]

Riven Vincent’s decision illiustrates social media power

‘I can’t cope,’ says Riven Vincent after receiving letter telling her no more respite help is available for six-year-old Celyn [...]

I doubt very much its swine flu

It was the Monday before Christmas. J had been really very poorly since Saturday but today he’d rapidily deteriorated and now had a raging temperature. His mum was worried. Time to see the doctor.

So the telephone conversation went something like this:

“Hello. Doctor ********?”

“Yes speaking.”

“I’m worried about my son, he’s really very poorly.”

“What symptons?”

“Well, he seems to [...]

Protecting the vulnerable from the vulnerable

Driving home from work this evening I heard a news story that made my heart lurch.

The Guardian neatly surmised the story in this headline Mother admits killing her 12-year-old autistic son after making him drink bleach. It’s reported that the mother, Satpal Kaur Singh, feared social services would take the boy away. She has admitted manslaughter [...]

Person centred planning

Someone recently put this phrase into the site search. Whoever it was won’t have found any results returned. So I aim to rectify that right now.

What is Person Centred Planning? Person Centred Planning (or Person Centred Support) is a set of processes, tools and approaches designed to assist someone (usually with disabilities and/or learning difficulties) to [...]

The disabled in Nazi Germany

I recently found myself in London for a business meeting. It was in the lobby-cum-restaurant area of a new hotel at near Waterloo station. There was a fantastic view straight across Waterloo Bridge to Parliament, but I had my back to this view for most of the meeting. Shame.

When the meeting was over, instead of heading [...]