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We (Austen Yapp and associates) shall supply you with unconstrained access to read everything on this website without the need to login or make payment. But we reserve the right to ask that you register and login to post comments.

We shall restrict third-party advertising, and position it so as not to interfere with reading and website navigation.

Your privacy

If you register to make comments, we shall hold only your login details, email address and website URL (if any). This we shall treat confidentially, we shall not pass it to others, and we will remove it if you ask.

If you subscribe to email updates you do it anonymously, via Google Feedburner.

Quality standards

We shall remove any comments and postings on the website that incite hatred, violence, bigotry, or which we have reason to believe are libellous. However we are not responsible for content on other websites even when referenced from this website.

If factual errors are reported in reader’s comments we shall respond with additional comments or annotations. If factual errors are reported in pages and posts, we will correct them.

If we move pages on the website, we shall provide page redirects so that links to our pages shall remain valid.

Notice period

If we wish to change this policy or our terms, we shall give at least 2 months notice.

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